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Bikeable, walkable villages are good for business.  But the planned reconstruction of Bridge St. at California St. is focused solely on moving more cars through this mini-commercial corner.  To show that bikes are good for business, join Bike Newton this Saturday between 11am – 2pm at this corner and re-hydrate/re-energize with a small purchase at the Grocery Garrison, the mom & pop convenience mart here. Make sure to walk/jog/bike Newton’s gem of a greenway to get there. The proprietor, Peter, is all for this!

This intersection just happens to be the key missing link in the world-class Charles River Greenway in Newton.  Cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians use both sides of the gorgeous river greenway until they are funneled into this hostile, car supremacy zone.   Yet the commerical potential of this corner to cater to tired and thirsty pedestrians, cyclists and joggers is enormous.

Bike Newton will have a shade canopy, a table and a few chairs to test how outdoor seating could work here. Also, we’ll have bike valet parking (there isn’t a single bike rack here currently). We’ll be eager to share ideas with you and Peter of the Grocery Garrison about how we can encourage Newton to show it’s a bike friendly community and live up to its commitment to a complete streets design approach.

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