1 WNCjuly29 | Newton MA News and Politics BlogBernie Sanders will speak to local supporters at an event at the West Newton Cinema this Wednesday evening, July 29. This meeting is the one of several kick-off events to organize Newton volunteers for his Presidential campaign — and one of over 3,500 such events that evening nationwide, with 100,000 currently expected to attend. I say “virtually” because Bernie will speak by video link. The meeting starts at 7PM.  Space at the West Newton Cinema meeting is limited and currently just about filled. You can check here to reserve a seat. If it’s filled, you can stop by to see if there’s room.  For more info — or to sign up to volunteer for the campaign — write to  [email protected] or visit BernieSanders.com.

And to kick off the V14 discussion… How about that column by Barney Frank in Politico explaining “why progressives shouldn’t support Bernie”?