groot gregpryI have collected nomination signatures before for Area Council where the number needed is low enough that I can generally get them from folks I know. On Friday I started to collect signatures for Charter Review Commission and am now seeing the Good, Bad and (not really) Ugly of the process.

Here are some of my initial observations for potential Newton Candidates. (I am sure this is not news to anyone who has run for office but new to me).

  • One in Ten folks knows that Newton has a charter and a bit fewer know that a review may be a forthcoming possibility.
  • Collecting signatures from persons you don’t know and don’t know you is an interesting experience in rejection.
  • Asking people for a moment of their time in a relaxing atmosphere allows them to become engaged in lengthy conversations about the process and one’s positions.
  • But long conversations can frequently lead to no supporting signature.
  • Make sure your elevator speech is ready for when you get the question of “Why..”
  • Newton has lots of visitors and customers that vote elsewhere.
  • Those that offer a signature in support can be very gracious and helps to keep the smile for the next stranger who approaches.

Oh and by the way, I am planning to run for the Charter Review Commission with a platform of keeping an open mind as I undertake the nomination process and if elected plan to understand what we do well, listen to what we can improve upon and take the effort to present a thoughtful proposal to the voters come November 2017.

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