Note: This post has been updated to include information gathered from a conversation with City Clerk David Olson.

Nominations papers for Charter Commission are available now but the Elections Department will not certify signatures until August 11, after the Board of Aldermen votes to place the Charter Commission question on the ballot at its Aug. 10 meeting (and assuming it does so). Signatures will be due by September 22. Candidates need to collect 100 certified signatures to get on the ballot.

Because I’ve never collected signatures, I have no idea whether gathering the requisite signatures in six weeks will be a difficult prospect for would-be candidates, particularly for those without organizations behind them. Maybe some bloggers with experience can share their thoughts?

I continue to be intrigued by this whole process. How many people are going to run? Will there be campaigns? Will people form slates? Will candidates have to fundraise? How does it not become a popularity/name recognition contest in such a low-turnout election?

It’s a fascinating show of democracy. It almost makes me wish I were a newspaper editor again.


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