Jon Chesto has a story in today’s Boston Globe about businesses relocating from Newton to Needham, saying that “Newton has been on the wrong end of a number of relocation decisions lately.”

There’s not much new information, if any at all, and all the usual sources are quoted, but it still doesn’t make Newton look very welcoming. Consider this quote from developer Jay Doherty of Cabot, Cabot & Forbes:

“The culture [in Newton] is very strong in not wanting to change at all, except to add luxury retail on Route 9.”

or this one from Greg Reibman, president of the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce:

“If you’re a developer and you want to deal with Needham, you know what you’re going to get there. Newton’s a lot more challenging.”

or this one from Alderman Ted Hess-Mahan about getting a special permit it Newton:

“It’s an unwieldy process. It makes it a lot harder for businesses looking to come to Newton to get the permits they need.”

Like I said, nothing we haven’t heard before. But not great PR for attracting new businesses.

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