FeastPostponedAll the food supplies for this Sunday’s Feast of the Falls needed to be ordered today.    We’ve been watching the weather all week but had to make a decision this afternoon.   It’s always a bit dicey predicting the weather days ahead of time but that’s what we have to do.

So the Feast of the Falls has been moved to Sunday July 12.

* If you have regular guest tickets, you’ll need to confirm whether or not you can come on July 12 – click here

* If you are on the waiting list, please confirm whether or not you’ll come on July 12 if tickets are available – click here

* If you bought auction tickets, please confirm whether you will come on July 12 or would like a refund – click here

* If you were one of the volunteers, please confirm whether or not you can fill the same role on July 12 – click here

After last week’s weather postponement of the Tour de Newton and this week’s postponement of the Feast of the Falls, I’m beginning to think I should stick to indoor events 😉

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