VillageDayWeatherLead organizer of Highlands Village Day, Steven Feinstein, has ordered perfect weather for Sunday (11AM-4PM; see schedule) and sends this message out to all of Newton:

I can’t say this loud enough or more emphatically:  Newton Highlands has great small businesses and business owners who jump at the opportunity to connect with all of us and provide the resources to enable a large, high quality event with free activities for our children.  And Newton Highlands has some great people who, when asked, step up to the plate to volunteer their time, energy, and know-how to make a great thing happen.  No arm twisting needed, I’m humbled and proud to live amongst people who add on to their already overbooked lives to work on something like Village Day. THANK YOU to all these businesses and volunteers:

  • Thanks to Mike Kamio of Anna’s Taqueria.  They were not able to open in time for tomorrow but Mike is saying hello to Newton Highlands in a big way.  I could hardly finish asking and he jumped up to be the lead sponsor – Platinum level.  As a result we have top quality bands at Village Day.
  • Thanks to Nick Penna at Salon Capri and Susan Paley at The Village Bank.  Parents will not have to buy tickets for bounce houses or face painting or caricatures because of their Gold level sponsorship.
  • Thanks to Eunice Feller chef of Bread n Chocolate for a ton of professional quality graphic design work (including our new logo!) She will be delighting us again tomorrow with an array of the best quality carnival food you’ve ever tasted.
  • Thanks to Karl and John O’Hara of O’Hara’s Food and Spirits for donating the beer garden (plaza in front of Bread n Chocolate).  It was their idea, they worked out all the details, and will provide staff, beer, tables – all of it.
  • Thanks to Ava Fantasia and Whole Foods for sponsoring the 5K road race. As a result we are having a bonafide timed race with online registration, posted times, and organic snacks for runners.
  • Thanks to Green Planet Kids, Brookline Bank and Eastern Bank, our Bronze sponsors.  Thanks to Fleck coffee shop for their financial support as well.

These businesses have made tomorrow’s event possible. Many of these businesses will be open tomorrow.  They’ve given our neighborhood a great gift.  Let’s say thank you tomorrow at Village Day.  

And thanks to everyone on the planning committee, including subcommittee chairs Maureen Oates/road race, Chris Pitts/music, Anna McTigue/booths, Ward 5 Ald. John Rice/logistics (long time V Day organizer), Linda Gulman of Indulge!/auction, Eunice Feller of Bread n Chocolate/graphic design, May Chiu/graphics and printing, and so many others who showed up, advised, networked, etc.  THANK YOU!

Let’s have the best Village Day ever.  See you tomorrow!

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