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RiversidePathwayOn Sunday afternoon, I’ll be leading a free Historic Newton Walking Tour of a curious corner of the city, and you’re all invited too.

In 1889 it was described this way: “Riverside is a charmingly picturesque point, where the Auburndale plateau bends away to let the Charles River sweep by, with the broad emerald meadows of Weston and the craggy heights of the legendary Norumbega beyond.   Here the river is narrow and still, flowing between high grassy banks, among cool and shadowy thickets and groves, where the young people, in their pretty boats, enjoy the charms of solitude a deux. – Kings Handbook of Newton 1889

Today, there’s still beauty and nature to be found there but it has become an island surrounded by 20th century infrastructure – highways, interchanges, aqueducts and railroads.

Come join us at 2 PM on Sunday (june 14) afternoon across from 107 Charles St in Auburndale.  We’ll take a leisurely mile long loop walk over a portion of the proposed Riverside Pathway, talk about the history of the area and see what there is to see.

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