2015PosterThis year’s Tour de Newton, on Sunday June 21, will encompass three different rides.  The standard leisurely 20 mile, 13 village loop.   The same loop running in the opposite direction for more experienced rides who’d like to ride at a faster pace (The Contra Tour) and a new 5 mile, 3 village Petite Tour.

If you’re planing on riding you better sign up soon.  The ride is limited to 750 riders this year (up from 500) and a few of the villages are already at capacity.  Sign up at bikenewton.org

If you’re not riding, we need you, we’re recruiting Village Greeters.  It’s a great fun way to spend a Sunday morning.  You meet a new group of 25-30 riders every 10 minutes or so.  You tell them a bit about your village and send them on their way with a village badge and refreshments.  If you’d consider volunteering to be a Village Greeter email [email protected]

If you’re an experienced rider, consider being a leader.  We’re still recruiting leaders/sweeps.  You’d be either in the front or back of a group of 25-30 riders of all age and your job is to get them safely around the 20 mile loop and be sure they all have a good time too.  If you might be interested in being a leader or sweep, email [email protected]

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