jess barton | Newton MA News and Politics BlogJess Barton, a 2007 graduate and running star from Newton North and a Suffolk Law School student, announced on twitter Friday that she is running for alderman at-large from Ward 2. She launched a website with her announcement.

If she can pull together an effective campaign organization, she could be a serious challenger. You’ll have to read about her background on her site but I remember her dominating headlines in the sports section of the TAB during her high school years, when she was on North’s track and cross country teams.

As for where she’s been since graduating:

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern in 2011, Jess turned to triathlon, where she has trained and competed as a Professional Triathlete since 2013.  In the fall of 2014, Jess accepted a full merit based scholarship to Suffolk University Law School.  As a result of her unique ability to effectively argue issues, during her first year, Jess won the coveted “Best Oral Advocate Award,” which is given for excellence in oral advocacy.  In addition, Jess was elected Section Representative within one of the largest legislative student body governments in the country, and was named “Section Representative of the Year” as a result of her unmatched ability to both effectively communicate with and work with those who elected her to represent her section’s best interests.

Read about why she’s running here.

And, what she thinks about Austin Street here.