MusicScott Gregorian and Gregorian Rugs loves doing community and arts oriented events at his beautiful store in Lower Falls.  Right from the start of our Newton Nomadic Theater,  Gregorian Rugs has been immensely supportive of everything we’ve been doing and has hosted all three of theater productions and is the home for the Nomad Story Slam.

Meanwhile a one-man show of a music production company called notloB Music has been producing small and interesting musical concerts for the last eight years at various venues in the greater Boston area.  In the past year or so they’ve doing wonderful little concerts in my neighborhood at Carriage House Violins every few months.

Meanwhile, the Newton Nomadic Theater has always had aspirations of being a three ring local art circus.  So far we’ve been doing theater, story slams and a file screening … why not music too.

So starting in August, the Newton Nomadic Theater in association with notloB Music will begin a series of great little music concerts, one or two a month, at Gregorian Rugs.  The music will all tend towards the acoustic rootsy sort of thing – blue grass/Celtic/traditional folky/old-time/progressive string bands type of things.

We’ll give you more details when it gets closer but in the meantime, check out what notloB Music has to offer on July 21 at Carriage House Violins – Alistair McCulloch w/ Eamon Sefton – “one of the most sought after fiddlers in Scotland today”.  Tickets ($15 – $25) here

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the Newton Nomadic Theater’s final performances Fri and Sat at the Newton Community Farm or Sunday at Dunn Gaherins Pub.  Tickets ($20) here.

… and that’s definitely too many “meanwhiles” for one post





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