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I think I heard something about the alders having made their visit to 30 Haven Street in Reading, an example of Oaktree Development’s modular GreenStaxx building technique.

I did a quick exterior-only visit back on Saturday morning, January 31 (on my way to a couple of car dealership photo assignments for the Lowell Sun’s Presidents Day auto section, so it wasn’t too far out of the way). I think it was right after the first big snowstorm, and the clips have been in my phone since, one of a backlog of posts I’ve deferred, due to getting caught up in perpetual shoveling, taxes, and spring tree planting logistics. But now I guess it’s timely again.

What surprised me was how easy it was to park, even right after a big blizzard. It’s pretty close to the center of Reading, about three blocks. Parking was unmetered and free for two hours, both on the street and in the municipal lot behind 30 Haven Street, and I had no trouble finding a space on the street. It actually seemed very quiet for a Saturday morning — not a lot of pedestrians either. It is impressively close to the at-grade Reading commuter rail.


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