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This post has been updated to include a link to the editorial.

The TAB editorial isn’t online yet but I’ve done my best to post a legible copy here. I’d love to hear what others have to say about Andy Levin’s take on raising the minimum wage (over three years) to $15/hour for fast food chains and big box retailers.

You have to read the whole thing because he brings up several points. It’s difficult to pull excerpts without taking him out of context, but I think I’m safe with this one:

“I’m also troubled by the lack of faith some have in entry-level employees to improve their skill sets and move up in the workforce. And worst of all? The apparent lack of confidence many of these workers have in themselves to eventually do something more with their lives.”

I submit that an alternative way to view many of “these workers” is that
they’re simply trying to survive and moving up in the workforce is beyond their wildest dreams. It might not be a question of lack of confidence; it might be a question of lack of resources.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote in an op/ed column in yesterday’s New York Times about fast food workers:

“…73 percent are women, 70 percent are over the age of 20, and more than two-thirds are raising a child and are the primary wage earners in their family.

Fast-food workers and their families are twice as likely to receive public assistance compared with other working families. Among fast-food workers nationwide, 52 percent — a rate higher than in any other industry — have at least one family member on welfare.”

I would suggest that for some people who are born with many odds stacked against them, survival is doing something with their lives.


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