GreenwayArtThe Boston Globe reported today on a monumental but temporary art work, created by Brookline artist Janet Echelman, that was hoisted into the Boston sky on Sunday morning over the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

This big, bold, billowing, dynamic, kinetic sculpture was hoisted between the buildings around the Greenway to create a 1/2 acre, ever changing sculpture that will ripple and move in the breezes and be illuminated in the night sky.

It is a huge project, involving heavy duty engineering, massive amounts of detailed handwork, and tremendous political cooperation between private building owners and the City of Boston.

I can’t wait to get down there and see it first hand.

So what do you say Newton?  Is it time to begin thinking about some more imaginative public art?   If so, you better not let me get involved, I’ve got a very bad history.  So get to work the rest of you.  Let’s hear some crazy ideas.

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