WaterworksMusemLast weekend we held the 3rd Nomad Story Slam at Gregorian Rugs.  Chris Pitts, our regular video guy, couldn’t make it so he recruited Laura Johnson as his replacement.  I had never met Laura before and we were talking before the event.  She told me that she had produced a video about the Waterworks Museum.

The Waterworks Museum opened in 2011 and is located in a beautiful old pump house on Beacon St, opposite the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, just outside Cleveland Circle.  It’s an entire museum about our water system, it’s history and how it works – well worth a trip.

I mentioned to Laura that I went to a wedding many years ago in that building, long before it became a museum – and she gasped.  While working on the museum video,  she had seen a photo taken on the site, of a wedding party from many years ago.  She was dying to find out more about it, but nobody at the museum had any idea other than that they thought the photo was from sometime in the 1980’s.

I told Laura that the bride and groom from that wedding in the pumphouse would be walking in the door to the Nomad Story Slam any minute.  They’re my very old friends Christine King and R.M. Mottola who live over in Newtonville.   I was the best man at the wedding.  My (now) wife Marie was on her first visit to Boston and tagged along to the wedding and met many of my friends and family for the first time there.

Chris, R.M, and Laura met about a half hour later and they’ve now planned to shoot some new video as an addendum to the original museum video.  The story of the wedding in the pumphouse was too good a story to not include in this history of the building and museum.

We’ll have to look into rounding up all our friends/wedding guests to recreate that day’s rousing rendition of “Going to the Pumphouse of Love”  (with apologies to the Dixie Cups).

The best part of it all, is that Laura had been searching fruitlessly for the story behind that old photo.  She finally found the story at a storytelling event – way cool.


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