As reported earlier, the Newton champion LigerBot team won the Chairman’s award at the New England regional championship this past weekend and qualified for the Nationals.  When they began making plans to get the team to the national event next week in St Louis, they found that none of the NPS approved bus companies had any buses available.

The only solution was for parents to arrange their own caravan of minivans and trailers to haul equipment, and drive the 2400 mile round trip themselves.

This is one highly motivated crew of  students, coaches and parents.  They’re scrambling all the moving parts as quickly as they can.  Next Tuesday five mini-vans full of parents, teachers and coaches will begin the 6 day round trip trek.  Meanwhile other parents, with their own kids, will be flying out on their own and rendezvousing with the team in St. Louis.

There’s a tremendous amount of expense involved in all this as you can imagine, as well as time off from work, and a 2400 mile road trip in crowded vehicles.  If you want to cheer them on and help defray their expenses, consider making a donation to Newton’s Ligerbot champions who can’t be stopped.

After seeing the coaches, team and parents in action, I’m hoping my daughter signs up for the LigerBots when she reaches high school.  They are a truly inspiring bunch of kids, parents and coaches.


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