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16779257269_6d453925a9_zIt’s cold, it’s raining, you’re inside at work anyway.

Follow the LigerBots online! The New England Regionals start today and we have the schedule of matches, so here are the times for the Newton LigerBots:




Quals   1: 1:45pm
Quals  17: 3:37
Quals  22: 4:12
Quals  31: 5:15

Quals  45: 10:54am
Quals  57:  1:04pm
Quals  70:  2:35
Quals  77:  3:24
Quals  90:  4:55
Quals  97:  5:44

Quals 106:  9:58am
Quals 114: 10:54

So far this season the matches have run relatively on time. You can watch all the action here.

The game this year is called “Recycle Rush” and involves teams picking up and stacking both boxes and barrels. Each match has 2 teams of 3 robots each. The team of 3 is called an “alliance.” In any given round the LigerBots will be either red alliance or blue alliance; the colors only matter for that particular match. Each match is scored with all 3 teams earning a point total together, then the team’s individual scores are essentially averages of how they do in all their matches over the course of the tournament. The teams are ranked, and that ranking changes constantly.

On Saturday the tournament will enter a semi-final round in which the top 8 teams get to pick others to join their alliance, then compete for the top spot. At the last tournament the LigerBots finished on the #2 alliance.

It makes more sense when you spend a full day watching.

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