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The docket item to reverse the surplusing of 70 Crescent Street goes to the full Board tomorrow night, Monday, April 6. For those of you interested in a closer look at the property, here’s my video of the Thursday morning site visit organized by Alderman Jim Cote. Sorry I didn’t add ‘lower thirds,’ but for those of you who don’t recognize them, other principals are Alexandra Ananth from Planning, alders Ruthann Fuller, Amy Sangiolo, Barbara Brousal-Glaser, Susan Albright, and Emily Norton, and Auburndale resident and one of the lead Robinhood Park organizers, Elaine Rush Arruda.

CurrentConditionsAs I noted in the earlier thread, despite the impression by some members of Real Property Reuse that they’d be doubling the size of the existing playground even if eight units of housing are built, it appears that the only portion that Planning thinks logical to possibly add to the park area, is the trapezoid of ‘almost’ 20,000 square feet south of the driveway. The rest, it appears, would be offered in the Request for Proposal to developers. Here’s a PDF of the site survey that we’re looking at in the video.

And no one seems to realize that even 2.21 acres is not a big park. (If it looks spacious in the video, it’s probably because I’m shooting with a wide angle lens, mainly to get close enough for decent sound without a directional mic.) At the end are shots of the current townhouse development that’s happening around Crescent and Auburn Streets, for which there seems to be no end in sight.

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