The Newton Tab delivers its newspaper to homes for free – but not all homes.  I think they claim 80% home delivery.  Their delivery policy focuses on the low hanging fruit – the bigger streets and easier to get to homes.  Those who don’t get it delivered can usually pick one up at a nearby store.

Since I moved to Newton about five years ago, I’ve live on a tiny little side street, Spring St, in Upper Falls.   We’re not on the Tab delivery route so I always picked my copy up at the Upper Falls Variety Store.  In the first months here I called the Tab about it and the next week it was delivered – once.  In the four years since, maybe once a year a Tab inexplicably lands on my front doorstep for no apparent reason, but never again for another year or so.

This past January, the Upper Falls Variety store closed and my Newton Tab readership stopped altogether except the occasional foray to their on-line edition.  I haven’t found any other Upper Falls businesses that have the Tab, and I miss it.  I do read bits and pieces on the on-line Tab but its not the same thing and I miss the little stuff.

Last week a Tab arrived at my door.  A bit surprised, I thought OK that’s my annual random delivery.  Again this morning there was Tab at my door – two back to back weeks???  Could it be?  Am I now a Tab regular ?  Stay tuned, third week’s the charm.

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