MintzCurrent Newton police chief Howard Mintz was appointed two years ago, first as interim chief, and later as permanent chief in the aftermath of a lot of turmoil in the city’s police department.

Back in 2012, in a very tumultuous year for the department, former chief Matthew Cummings was fired after accusations of “boorish behavior” towards female employees, the ex-chief’s secretary was accused of larceny and fired.  She claimed the accusation was retaliation forspeaking out, and a jury later agreed with her and reinstated her.

When chief Cummings was fired, Howard Mintz was appointed as interim chief.  As interim chief one of his first jobs was to deal with maybe the most bizarre incident – Framingham police caught Newton police egging their superior’s house while off duty one night.     The culprits were disciplined by the department, a few months later chief Mintz was appointed as the permanent police chief, and for the last two years things have been (thankfully) pretty routine in the department.

Chief Mintz’s tenure is now coming to a close.  He faces mandatory retirement this coming November.   No doubt future candidates for the post are already being weighed.

What would you be looking for in a new police chief?  Are the department’s troubles now behind it?  Would you hope for an internal candidate or someone from outside?