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UPDATE: TAB story here

My wife reported that the shortcut through Clark’s parking lot, that everyone in the Upper Falls neighborhood uses to get from Oak St to Tower Rd (Baza) was blocked by a police line last night.  We were wondering what was going.

I just saw an Instagram post from Chris Steele, with the photo above, reporting that the roof of the old warehouse there had partially collapsed.  It’s not terrible news.  The warehouse has been vacant for years and the property owner had already applied for and received a demolition permit for that building.  So mother nature’s just decided to get the demolition project moving I guess.

I don’t believe that the warehouse is actually Clark’s property, though everybody refers to it that way.  As I understand it, Clark is a rental tenant in the big mill building on the property.  The property itself, including the warehouse, belongs to Northland, a commercial real estate company.