StorySlam400WidthHere are 16 new stories for your viewing/listening pleasure.

About a month ago, the Newton Nomadic Theater held its 2nd Nomad Story Slam one Friday night at Gregorian Rugs.  We invited anyone who wanted to come tell a five minute, true story, about something that happened to them.   The theme of the night was “moving on”.

A host of story tellers showed up including Scott Lennon, president of Newton’s Board of Aldermen, Jonathan Plaut, a Moth story teller winner, and just a lot of just regular folks with some great stories. It was another wonderful night.

Sixteen true stories were told by sixteen of your neighbors. Some were funny, some were serious,  some were whimsical.  The one story that probably most did it for me was Kelly Wallask who told the most emotional, moving and uplifting story of the night.

Special thanks go to Chris Pitts, Maureen Reilly-Meaher and Chris Thayer, our nomadic video production team.   These beautifully filmed and edited videos are a great treat for all the story tellers to share with their friends and families.

The Stories:

Jonathan Plaut – Moving on, forty years later
Julia dePeyster – My nursing bra
Mike Reilly – A book that changed my life (language warning)
Scott Lennon – Boys & Girls Club, Nonantum and me
Jen Kohl – A car in my living room
Brian Flaherty – Swarming clowns at Niagra Falls
Kelly Wallask – My son found his gift
Ann Nahebedian – Never speak to strangers
Jerry Reilly – Girlfriends don’t matter
Kate Mason – Riding to California in my covered wagon
Jane Aransky – Ida is gone
Kate Carney – Let’s put on a show
Eileen McMahon – Nuala and Me through the years
Louise Reilly Sacco – The steel door closed behind me
Scott Wallask – Halloween in Mississippi
John Gregorian – Villages of Persia as a 16 year old

We have a Nomad Story Slam scheduled for Friday May 22 as part of the Newton Festival of the Arts.  The theme of that one will be “a long way from home”. We’re hoping to schedule another one for early April with the theme of “imagine my surprise” – so start working on your stories now. Sign up for email list if you’d like to be notified once we have a date scheduled.

In the meantime, don’t miss the Newton Nomadic Theater’s current production of The Turn of The Screw.


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