The Newton Nomadic Theater’s latest production, WebLogo“The Turn of the Screw” opened on Friday with a performance at Gregorian Rugs.

The show was a barn burner and the performances were fantastic.  Marge Dunn in the role of the governess tells the ghost story from her point of view.  She starts off quietly and demurely and the tension slowly builds.  By the story’s climax she had risen to a frenzy and had the entire audience by the throat.  Billy Meleady, who also featured in the theater’s last production “Faith Healer” is back as both an actor and the director for “Turn of the Screw”.   By the story’s end he was completely channeling Miles, a disturbed and disturbing ten year old boy.  It’s a powerful, eerie and mysterious night of theater.  Don’t miss it!

This week the production moves to the Waban Library on Friday night and then on to the Auburndale Library for Saturday and Sunday nights.   For those of you in Waban and Auburndale, you’ll be able to walk to you neighborhood theater and see a stunning ghost story come to life this weekend.  How cool is that?

Tickets and info at http://NewtonNomadicTheater/turn-of-the-screw

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