KitchenWindowHere we are again with a fresh new foot+ of snow on top of everything.

Send me ([email protected]) your most ridiculous snow pictures and I’ll post them.  If you know how to do it yourself with a link in a comment, just add them below.

This photo is the view out my kitchen window this morning.  It’s hard to believe that’s a color photo.





Here’s a few from Jen Kohl

JenKohlsWindow  JenKohl4 JenKohl5 JenKohl3










Gena Hooper just sent this one of her snow shoe wearing, machete bearing husband going after ice dams











@Marti says “please make this stuff go away”

Marti1 Marti2
















Here’s one from Emily Norton









mgwa says “Deck?  What deck?”









Dog Haslam’s got a lot of 12 foot snowbanks



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