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The TAB’s Jim Morrison wrote a page one story today about decreased crime rates in Newton between 2013 and 2014 (not online yet.) Good news, mostly.

Here’s what had me puzzled though:

“Rapes were down 48 percent with 11 in 2014, compared to 21 in 2013.”

There were 11 reported rapes in Newton in 2014? 21 in 2013? I don’t remember reading about them in the TAB. Does anybody else?

Probably they happened on the college campuses, but I don’t think that means they wouldn’t be reported to the Newton police. And if they were reported to the Newton police, they should be reported to the TAB. I’d like to believe the TAB would publish that information.

In my years as TAB editor, I can remember maybe one or two rape stories. I don’t remember a dozen a year. Are these numbers incorrect, am I missing something, or is there some other explanation?