WindingStreamBeth Harrington, an old friend of ours, has made a fabulous documentary called “The Winding Stream“, about the Carter-Cash family and the roots of country music.  We saw it this summer at the Woods Hole Film Festival where it won the “best feature documentary” award and it’s been winning awards at festivals all around the country ever since.

It tells the story of the birth of recorded country music and features interviews with many of the surviving Carter/Cash family, including Johnny Cash just a few months before he died.

Beth is now in the process of raising the money to clear all the music rights so the film can be released theatrically and on TV.  That’s no small job and will cost a lot since the film is full of music.

The Newton Nomadic Theater is toying with the idea of doing a benefit screening of the film here in Newton with all the proceeds to go to the Winding Stream project.  Beth will be visiting from Oregon next month and she’d be happy to do a “Q/A With the Director” after the screening.

So I’m here on Village 14 to do some slapdash marketing research.  Before deciding on whether to go ahead with this, we’re trying to get some idea of the potential size of the audience and how big a space we might need for the screening.

* Would you be interested in this screening?  Would you come to the screening if you could?

* Would you pay $10  Might you pay $20?

* Should we do it?

You can either comment below or email to [email protected]

BTW – Beth is also a great musician herself.  Long ago, when she lived here in Boston,  she was a Modern Lover – as in Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.  She was disappointed to hear that the recent effort to make “Roadrunner” the official state rock song of Massachusetts came up short.

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