GregoriansThe Boston Globe ran a story today about a new web site called SpaceFinder.org that aims to connect arts groups with unconventional performance spaces.  Prominently featured in the story is Newton’s own Gregorian Rugs in Lower Falls.

We recently created the Newton Nomadic Theater and Gregorian Rugs has been one of our biggest sponsors and enthusiastic hosts for our events.   We just held our 2nd Nomad Story Slam there this past week and our upcoming play “Turn of the Screw” will be opening for two nights at Gregorians on Feb 12, 13.

The Globe story struck a chord with me since our theater’s entire approach involves bringing theater to these kinds of unconventional spaces around the city.  It only works because we have a pool of local businesses, institutions and individuals here in Newton who have been willing to open their doors to help support the local arts.  For example, our upcoming play will have performances at Gregorian Rugs, Auburndale Library, Waban Library, Steve and Theresa St. John-Siegel’s house, and Dunn Gaherins Pub.

All of these business and individuals are motivated by a strong desire to foster the local arts in Newton and love hosting unusual arts performances.  For a scrappy new little theater, that is a huge asset to have here.

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