The Newton Nomadic Theater is putting together plans for its next production in Feb-March.  “Turn of the Screw” by Jeffrey Hatcher is an eerie ghost story based on the Henry James novella of the same name and it’s set in an English manor house.

The Newton Nomadic Theater is a new traveling theater.  It’s widely acclaimed first production this past fall (“Faith Healer” by Brian Friel) was presented in Carriage House Violins, Gregorian Rugs, First Baptist Church, Auburndale Library and Dunn Gaherins Pub/Restaurant, as well as few out of town venues.  For this upcoming production we’re looking to add some new interesting Newton venues but given the setting of the play, we also thought that it would be great fun to present “Turn of the Screw” in some Newton homes.

If you have a space in your house that could seat 40-50 people and would consider becoming a theater for a night, please contact us.  The way it would work is like this:

* We’d come to your house with two actors and a few tech people for about an hour in the coming weeks to check out the logistics of the space.

* On the day of the performance, in the afternoon, our volunteers would bring in 40 – 50 folding chairs, lights and portable curtains and would set everything up.

* the performance would be at 7:30 PM on a Friday or Saturday followed by a reception with the actors

* Our crew would take care of all the details of tickets, seating, the reception, etc.

* At the end of the evening all equipment will have been removed and your house will be back to normal.

* Your family that lives there and four additional guests would get free tickets to the performance.

* The tickets ($20) will be available to the general public but any friends, family, etc of yours would have first priority when ordering tickets.

In addition to helping to support this fabulous new Newton based theater company, it will be a great fun way to host a most unusual party in your home and we’ll take care of all the details.

Contact me (Jerry Reilly, 617-999-5300, [email protected]) for more details and please spread the word to anyone you know that has a big house in Newton.


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