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Pretend that your fourth cousin-twice removed (whom you have never met) has just died, leaving you, his only heir, a billion dollars, after taxes.  🙂  Pretend you love Newton and care about its future as much as you care about anything.

You have just noticed a listing on Zillow that intrigues you.  For a mere $18.5 million you may be the proud owner of the 6.02 acres at 15 Walnut Park in Newtonville. The listing has been on Zillow for 65 days. The property is adjacent to Washington Street between Jackson Homestead and the Turnpike Exit at Newton Corner. Let’s brainstorm here.

Abutters and residents of the near area, what would you like to see there?

Residents of Newton further from this property, what would you like to see there?

Developers and planners –  please let the residents speak out about what they value and would like to have preserved/demolished/constructed on this prime real estate target. Consider it free market research!

Residents…please identify the village in which you reside so we can be sensitive to the distance of your focus from the proposals. My  request to our Village 14 Editor: if anyone uses the term NIMBY, please expunge their response! Let’s figure this one out from the ground up for a change! Politely. Dream big or small and share your thoughts and wishes.

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