BillyThis past Sunday was the final performance of the Newton Nomadic Theater’s production of “Faith Healer” at Dunn Gaherins pub in Upper Falls.  It was a fabulous night and a great performance.  Sitting in the audience that night was actress Brooke Adams who has starred in films, TV and Broadway shows.  She is a personal friend of “Faith Healer’s” Billy Meleady (Teddy the manager) and she is married to actor Tony Shalhoub (TV’s Monk).  Both Ms. Adams and her husband are in town to perform in Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s production of “Happy Days” which opens tonight at Babson College.

Sunday night Brooke Adams had a great time at Dunn Gaherins and loved the show.  Monday morning Billy Meleady got a phone call from her.  Her husband, Tony Shalhoub, was sick and wasn’t going to be able to perform in Happy Days on Tuesday night.   Could Billy step in for Tony Shalhoub?  He would have only a day and a half tolearn the role  before opening on Tuesday.

So Billy has been rehearsing non-stop since yesterday morning.  The show is at 8 PM tonight.  It sounds impossible but our money’s on Billy pulling it off.  We’ll let you know how he does.

Billy was also responsible for bailing out our production of Faith Healer.  Weeks after Faith Healer rehearsals had begun, Stephen Cooper, our original Teddy the manager, was injured in a horrific accident at another theater.   We were on the verge of cancelling the entire production when Billy said he would step in to the role.  “Don’t worry, I’ll catch up”.  As anyone who saw Faith Healer can attest,  Billy much more than “caught up”.

Break a leg tonight Billy!


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