Halfway through my ride into work today (route above) I started counting littered non-deposit bottles versus deposit-redeemable soda cans and bottles.  The results: 31 non-redeemable bottles vs. 5 redeemable cans*.  If the expanded bottle bill passes, all 31 of the those currently non-redeemable pieces of litter would be redeemable.

The argument against expanding the bottle bill on the Secretary of State’s website says: “Let’s focus on what works instead of expanding an outdated, ineffective, and inconvenient system.”  Based on my direct observation, the current system did not work well for plastic water bottles, but was more than six times as effective for redeemable soda cans and bottles.

If you’re unconvinced or undecided on the expanded bottle bill, I suggest taking a walk and counting for yourself.

*Of the 36 total pieces of litter, 35 were in separate locations, making them independent samples.  Interestingly, the cans were all (flattened) beer cans, and all near BU, indicating perhaps that saving beer cans for deposit redemption is not a high priority around campus.


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