Today’s Boston Globe had an article by Ellen Ishkanian about the problems with gaps developing between some of the floorboards in the gym.  According to the article, no decision has been made yet about whether the floor will need to be replaced.    They’re going to watch it over the winter .  If it’s eventually determined that it does need to be replaced they’d do the work next summer.  The city’s Chief Financial Officer Maureen Lemieux was quoted as saying “Right now, honestly, we’re still not sure”.

The article said that Commissioner of Public Buildings Joshua Morse put the price tag at $117,000.   That’s roughly 1/2 the price mentioned in Julia Malakie’s earlier post here on Village 14.  Julia’s number came from a bid solicitation that the city put out on 9/11/14 that showed both the “Est. Low Value”and “Est. High Value”as $225,00.

It still not clear too me what that $225,000 figure represents and why it’s twice the price mentioned by Joshua Morse.

In any case, its sounds like the city believes that there’s still a good possibility that the floor may not need to be replaced after all.


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