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GlobeWest today ran pro and con pieces about Newton’s proposed one-year moratorium on the tear down of one- and two-family houses. Writing in favor of the moratorium was Village 14’s own Julia Malakie. Arguing against it was Micéal Chamberlain, Newton resident, Principal, Historic Homes, Inc.

The question posed was:

Do you support a tear-down moratorium in Newton that would prohibit the demolition of one- and two-family homes, and put a hold on additions of more than 20 percent of the existing home for a specific period of time?

Maybe I haven’t tuned in close enough but I had no idea that this proposed moratorium included additions on existing homes. I think the tear-down moratorium alone is a bad idea (although I would like to see a solution to the increase in multi-million dollar homes), but to include additions to houses as well seems outrageous to me. Who will buy a house without knowing if they can build on to it? We added about 400 square feet to our then-1,500 square foot house in 2003. That’s more than 20 percent. It’s also not a large amount of space. Making homeowners wait a year to add a room they might need now because the people who are charged with resolving zoning problems haven’t done so is inane.


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