The City has not reached agreement with the owner of one of the three Beacon Street properties that has been key to the planned expansion of the Zervas school site. On Wednesday, the BoA Finance Committee voted (4:2) to recommend proceeding with the acquisition of the remaining two properties, based on a “possible alternative site plan” (see page 3 of the Finance Committee’s report) that excludes the third (westernmost) property. The consulting architect noted that this alternative site plan is not vetted and that there are other alternative site plans.  Among the range of these alternatives that exclude the third property, there would be 20 to 32 fewer parking spaces than the 75 that were stated as critical in the former plan.

Removal of the third property reduced parking to as few as 43 spaces.  The unvetted alternative site plan (shown below) in the Finance Committee’s report was (as Steve Siegel commented below) “produced just before the meeting and presented to see if there might be an obvious fit for additional parking.”  It would add 12 spaces, including 6 diagonal spaces on the inbound driveway and 6 diagonal spaces on Beethoven, in the current green space by the corner of Beacon. If those 12 spaces are feasible, that would bring the revised parking to 55.

The full Board is scheduled to vote on the two property acquisitions on Monday evening, October 6.  Efforts to arrange the acquisition of the third property remain underway, and this presumably would allow return to the former plan.  The Zervas School Building Committee is expected to vote on a final site plan on October 9.

[edited based on Finance Committee’s report]


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