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AdWhen we first decided to start the Newton Nomadic Theater I imagined that we would put on our first play, if we were lucky it would be pretty good.  The next one would be a bit better.  Over time we’d hit our stride and the productions would get even better.

Three luminous performances are at the heart of this elegant production. It was a pleasure to experience this powerful and strangely haunting play in an intimate setting right here in Newton. Theatre at its best is cleanly staged, excellently acted and touches themes that have you thinking and talking about the experience days later. NNT’s innaugural production hits all those marks. If the concepts of sophisticated theatre and Newton don’t naturally go together in your mind, then see this show and be moved by the talent and excellence that is right here in our community.” – Jennifer London

At the opening night performance I saw the entire play for the first time and was completely and totally gripped and moved by the performances – so far beyond what I imagined.  At first I thought it was just me – hardly an objective observer.  When intermission came I suddenly realized that the entire audience was as struck by the whole experience as I was.   All three performances are the equal of anything else you will see at any theater in greater Boston.

Since then I’ve heard from many people who were at one of last week’s performances and the story was the same.  They came with modest expectations and they were blown away instead.

Faith Healer will run for two more weekends and we need to pack those houses.  This weekend at Gregorian Rugs we will create a theater in the middle of their showroom.  The following weekend it will close at the First Baptist Church in Newton Centre.  Order your tickets now at http://NewtonNomadicTheater.org and help launch Newton’s newest theater.

Next up we plan to present a community “story slam” event probably sometime in November.

p.s. My apologies for these multiple postings about the theater and its production … but that’s what happens when you give me the keys to the Village14 kingdom.  If I’m passionate, and I am about this, you can’t shut me up.

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