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ranc3cupsSome interesting iced happenings in Newtonville.

Rancatore’s is coming to the village! At least according to the signage in the vacant All About Shoe store right next to the Rox Diner. For those who have never been, Rancatore’s has shops in Belmont and Lexington and has some wonderful flavors. In addition to the regular flavors we’re all used to, you can get ginger, bourbon butter pecan, Irish coffee and cookies or gingersnap molasses.

It certainly adds to Newtonville’s growing food flavors, putting a cherry on top of the other culinary offerings. It’s enough to make me want to hug Olaf!



Not too far away, across the street from the Boys and Girls Club, Yogurt Beach has opened. This is owned by a Newton family who lives nearby and took over for an old convenience store. It’s much cheaper than the other froyo place in town, but lacks tables. I’m told that they’re currently waiting on permitting from the city in order to put them in.yogurt-bowl

Frankly, given the location, offerings and layout, it all the makings of a local kids hangout, similar to what you’d see on Disney Tween programming. For me, it’s just nice to stop in, get something sweet and not have to mortgage the house.

Of course, with all these sweets I’m worried that my waistband will “Let it Go.”

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