“The Folklorist” isn’t the only locally produced video series in town.   Newton  actress Linda Goetz  began producing her own video web series in the last few years.  Last year she produced “Brillig” a series about a grown up Alice who’s Wonderland past begins to catch up with her.  At the moment, she’s working on “Adder Mountain” a series set in 1930’s Appalachia.

This week, she needed a nasty, brutish, son-of-a-bitch prison guard, so naturally she thought of me.  I made my acting debut yesterday morning in the Appalachian woods of Framingham.  Thankfully, I had no lines.  I just had to exude menace as the nasty guard in a flashback scene.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t let me keep the costume.  It’s a shame, I think this would be a good new PrisonGuardlook for me

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