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Our Ward 3 threads are spread out, so I guess we should have one last consolidated one. If you live in Ward 3 especially, tell us who you’re voting for. If you don’t live in Ward 3, you can still tell us who you’d like to win, and why.

Regardless of who wins, Fran Azzarto, Barbara Brousal-Glaser, Maria Manning and Jeanne Marrazzo have given us a choice, for which we should thank them.  Also, the forums sponsored by the Ward 3 Republican City Committee, Democratic City Committee and LWV/NewTV have covered a lot of issues and complemented each other well. You can listen to the Democratic forum here, and watch the NewTV debate here.

Just heard that Secretary of State Bill Galvin thinks statewide turnout in this election could be under 20 percent. I hope we will do a lot better than that in Ward 3 at least. Whoever we elect will influence what Newton will look like and be like to live in, so remember to ask for that ballot for the Ward 3 race, which is separate from the state election ballot!

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