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Back on August 28 Greg forwarded me this email from Democratic political … something Gerry Chervinsky:
Hi Greg, I’m writing just to say that if you’re looking for a fun blog pic, someone should check out the corner of Ionia & Wolcott in Auburndale, where “third party” governor candidate Evan Falchuk lives.  He’s got 2 of his campaign signs on the corner, violating 2 Newton ordinances: 1) one sign per candidate per property and 2) no signs posted until 45 days pre-election, which in his case doesn’t occur til Nov.  I’d send you a pic myself but my ancient iPhone camera is on the fritz!  Maybe you could get Julia Malakie to do it, she lives nearby.  Anyway just a thought, enjoy the rest of summer!  Gerry
I don’t know what surprised me most — that Evan Falchuk lives so close to me, that his signs were on a corner I drive by almost every day and I hadn’t noticed them (sorry Evan), or that Gerry Chervinsky, whom I’ve never met, knows where I live. But I took a look and for a few days there was indeed one sign that I could see driving down Wolcott. On Friday there were two, but I was running late and didn’t have time to stop, but yesterday I did. So here are the offending signs.
It is true, two violations, timing and number — I checked the ordinance again myself. But I was reminded of Cohen v Cowles Media Co., in that I thought the fact of who was dropping the dime was more interesting than the information itself. But unlike Cohen v Cowles Media, in which the political operative had been promised anonymity by a reporter, this unsolicited tip did not include a request for anonymity, perhaps surprising coming from someone with such a penchant for aliases.
In the meantime, in my travels taking dead tree pictures and whatnot, I noticed that Evan Falchuk is not the only offender. I saw two Steve Grossman signs at 275 Waverley Ave (bottom right in photo above). Then yesterday I saw another pair at 391 Waverley (top right). And I don’t know what it is about Waverley, but there were two Deb Goldberg signs at #31, on the berm on the Tremont Street side. (Any type of sign on the public right-of-way is another violation.) I had also noticed two Warren Tolman signs in a yard somewhere around Melrose Street, but did not write down the address, and couldn’t find them again.
Personally, I don’t get nearly as bent out of shape by political signs as I do by signs on trees. Big ones, multiple ones, go to town! I like that people care enough about a candidate to say so. Except for here in Ward 3 with our alderman race, it’s depressingly bare of signs for a statewide election year. (Try to find a Coakley sign — it’s like looking for a Wyoming license plate.) It seems to signify apathy. I hope turnout proves me wrong, but am not optimistic.
There, that’s taken care of. My next post will be about something of more consequence.