WhatsYourStoryThe Moth Radio Hour started on NPR about 5 years ago and has been wildly successful.  The format is simple – regular people tell a true story from their personal experience.  If you’ve ever heard the radio show, its compelling listening.

The Moth story phenomenon seems to have spread quickly with regular Moth events in cities across the country.  In addition to the official Moth events it seems to have spurred a resurgence of public story telling in general.

Last night I went to a standing-room-only story telling event in Wellfleet on Cape Cod called Mosquito.  Ten people each told a 5 minute story and there wasn’t a dud in the bunch.  They were all over the map in terms of style and content.  Some were uproariously funny, others emotionally moving, other just put a smile on your face.

It got me thinking that it would be a fun and simple sort of event to put together.  So here’s the deal – if you’d consider publicly telling a 5 minute story to a live audience, send me an email ([email protected]).  If you know someone else who might, pass it along.  If I get sufficient interest from potential storytellers, we’ll organize a public event in Newton in Sept or Oct and maybe even broadcast it on NewTV