AH_Front_WebIf you’ve ever driven down Webster St. in West Newton you have probably noticed the Nathaniel Allen House and wondered “what is that?!” Besides being a beautiful property with impressive educational and historic roots, it is the Newton Cultural Alliance’s rehabilitation and rejuvenation project. The ultimate goal for the property is to establish it as a dynamic center for arts and culture. There is an enormous amount of planning and fundraising to do and approvals to obtain before we get there so, in the meantime, we’re starting the sweat equity campaign!

On Wednesday we had our first Yard Cleanup Day and it was a great success! There is another one tomorrow, Saturday, July 26 from 10am-2pm (though someone will be there starting at 9 if you’re an early bird). Consider joining us! We’re pulling weeds, removing trash, making way for new landscaping, and generally beautifying. Bring your favorite yard tools (especially gloves). Brute strength is also welcome!

There’s no experience necessary! I, for one, can hardly identify a dormant flower from a weed but the inimitable Julia Malakie was there Wednesday and she showed me the evil garlic mustard weed and I made it my job to find every last one and pull it up!

The Nathaniel Allen House is located at 35 Webster St (intersection of Webster and Cherry St) in West Newton. There is parking available in a lot on the Cherry St side of the house plus plenty of parking in West Newton. After you spend some time in the yard you can reward yourself with one of the delicious fresh lemonades from the stand at the new Elm St Farmers Market – sounds like a satisfying Saturday!

Questions? Call NCA at 617.332.4300.

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