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Superintendent David Fleishman released the following statement this afternoon about the Lion’s Roar’s suggestion that he plagiarized Governor Deval Patrick during his graduation speech to Newton South High School:

July 24, 2014

As someone who writes a range of pieces that are distributed to the broader public on a regular basis, I am well aware of the importance of citing appropriate sources. ~I am also cognizant of the notion that public officials need to be as careful in their spoken remarks as they are in their written remarks-something that too often gets lost. ~ The recent article in the Lion’s Roar is an invaluable reminder of the importance of doing so and I am appreciative of their work in highlighting this issue.

In retrospect, I should have cited the Governor in my remarks as I did David McCullough Jr. ~In my judgment, it is essential that public officials not only accept critical feedback but acknowledge when we have made mistakes. ~Because I believe in accountability and transparency, I have requested that some type of action be taken by the School Committee and it be made public.

David Fleishman

Superintendent of Schools


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