worry (if you’re a conspiracy theorist) that elected officials will sneak in a new ordinance…

Scratching that itch, the Muni-Wonk returns to give you this week’s highlights (details here). Probably a meeting here you’ll want to attend instead of the rained-out barbeque:

  • Zoning your pet peeve? You will be interested in a raft of proposals in this week’s docket that look like an attempt to address some land use and historic preservation concerns.
  • Historic Preservation your hobbyhorse? There’s good news in the reports–not only is the East Parish Burying Ground possibly getting more refurbishment (the graves will gleam?), but the City Clerk has obtained a grant to preserve more of the Civil War archives–and not from precious Community Preservation funds!
  • Plastic Bags your bane? The ban is advancing, but you will have to read the report to find out how.
  • Eminent Domain have you down? The vote to take three houses (now two) to expand the lot (is it all for parking?) at Zervas comes up for a vote tonight. A letter from Newton Highlands and Waban folks opposing the sale is in the Friday packet. Oh, and see the sewer discussion at Lasell, below–
  • Water and Climate your focus? The Friday Packet has details on the Hammond Brook culvert repair (expansion), and some sewer/drain discussions for Lasell College property.
  • Like Numbers? Two or three financially-driven subcommittees meet on Wednesday…just as the weather is supposed to get nice again.

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