CrystalLakeSignWalking back from Whole Foods, I noticed a new set of signs in my neighborhood outlining the watershed of Crystal Lake. The cynic in my would describe the lake as a big puddle collecting run-off but I also know  that the technical term, Kettle Pond, better describes the source of the water. Remember, this is not a spring feed lake.

There is a great deal of concern about the lake with several groups advocating various ideas on how best to protect the lake for the future, how safe the water is at various locations that offer access to wading and bathing and what regulations should be imposed, enforced or ignored. I have my own opinions on all of these questions living close but not in eye sight of the lake but today I am content to see that education is the next step to help remind those us living the vicinity of the lake that what we dump on our lawns or in the nearby storm drain has impact on one of our treasured natural resources.

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