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digitsTwo weeks ago I had the opportunity to share some of my experiences as a Physicist with about 85 6th graders at Oak Hill having become a STEM Ambassador with a program called DIGITS.

According to the program,

DIGITS is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) awareness/education program that pairs STEM professionals with sixth-grade classes throughout the state.

As I went through the training and looked over the presentation materials, preparing for my visit to four morning classes, I found the idea of working with stickers with symbolic versions of numbers and letters kind of hooky. I worked out my version of the presentation, adding some time to share what my STEM life has been like, and figured I would try it out and see what would happen. After submitting background information for a CORI/SORI check needed to enter the school, I was off to Oak Hill to arrive early in hopes of meeting the two teachers who had invited DIGITS and was pleased that both were (more) familiar with the program than I (and a great help). The students really took to the activities, stickers and all, asked some great questions and I heard later were talking about the experience later in the day.

So why am I posting this to V14?

  • With the discussion of school building it seems appropriate to talk about some of the other activities going on.
  • I think STEM is really important and hope other may become involved.
  • We have some cool kids and good teachers that it was fun to work with.

So,  apprehension quelled I think I might do it again next year.

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