FirePlace | Newton MA News and Politics BlogIt started when we discovered this fireplace buried under years of vegetation beside Echo Bridge.  The next step was learning that some of our Upper Falls neighbors were raising chickens and have a steady supply of fresh eggs.   It all lead to a very spontaneous neighborhood breakfast about a year ago – The Eggcelent Breakfast.

We checked the weather forecast a few days ago and Sunday is looking like a perfect day so we’ve decided it’s time for another Eggcelent Breakfast.  Here’s the deal, we’ll be supplying eggs, bacon, griddles and a fire.  You bring something else for breakfast and chairs for yourselves.  Send an email ([email protected]) and let us know if you’re coming and what you might be bringing.  Look for us just below Echo Bridge on the Newton side of the river.  Breakfast starts at 10 AM.

Our Falls farmers Julie Irish and Dean Whitney will be providing the Upper Falls eggs from the coops of Upper Upper Falls at the top of Cottage St – “where the air is thin and clear and the chickens like it that way”.  For those who prefer more exotic imported eggs, we’ll also be serving Nonantum eggs from the flock of Megara Bell & Brian Flaherty.

You decide who’s got the best eggs.  Is it those robust eggs from the northern climes of Nonantum or the Falls favorite high altitude eggs?   Egg trash talking welcomed