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The recently formed Newton Village Alliance (NVA) has organized as a city-wide group raising issues about development issues in Newton.  Since their web site went on-line and the organization went public they’ve come in for some criticism here on Village14 and elsewhere  for their relative anonymity.   This week NewTV ran a profile of the NVA (Chapter 3, at about the 4:30 mark) with a number of members speaking on behalf of the group.  The NewTV story featured comments by Matt Yospin, John Koot, Julia Malakie, Ron Mauri, and Carol McPherson.  Earlier articles in the Tab featured statements by John Koot, Isabelle Albeck, and Kathleen Kouril Griese.  At this point, I think any concern that they they are an anonymous group hiding in the shadows should be dispelled.

As for their message, I think it’s not a single message or a single viewpoint but appears to be an umbrella group that encompasses folks who have concerns about a wide variety of distinct development issues – everything from teardowns, McMansions, large apartment complexes, historic preservation, rezoning, and 40B’s.    It will be interesting to see how the group evolves.  One path would be to be a group who’s against all new development.  A more productive path would be if they can manage to be part of the development process and shape it rather than just oppose it.


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