I recently noticed that the Newton Tab’s on-line archives seem to no longer stretch back very far.  I suspect something changed on the Tab site relatively recently.

I just Google’d “Feast of the Falls” which was covered in the Tab less than a year ago.  Google displayed a link to the Tab story but when you click on the link you get a “We cannot locate the link to the page you requested.” message from the Tab site.   This would seem to indicate that those old stories were recently taken down since Google hasn’t caught up with the changes yet.  I then searched for the same story from the Tab’s search box and also came up empty handed, so that means that the problem wasn’t that they had just moved the story to a different address.

After that, I tried “Newton election results” and did find a Tab story from the November 2012 election which of course is from well more than a year ago.  I tried a few more searches and some old stories were there and others were gone.

I’ve always naively expected that anything I’ve seen on a news web site would always be available forever afterward.  I noticed not long ago that there were also some sporadic disappearing archives on the Newton Patch too.  So beware, a story that’s available today won’t necessarily be there tomorrow.  If it’s something you may want later, make a copy while you can.


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