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TDN2014HighlandsBadgeLast year’s inaugural Tour de Newton is coming back again on June 15 (Father’s Day).  The 13 village, 20 mile fun ride was immensely popular with riders last year so this year we’ve bumped up the number of participants to 500 for the 2nd annual Tour.

The Tour de Newton isn’t a race, it isn’t a competition, it’s a fun, relaxed, family-friendly ride for everyone.  It works like this …. at 9:30 in the morning, in all 13 villages of Newton, groups of riders simultaneously set off on the 20 mile circuit, so you’ll be riding the loop with your village neighbors.  Each group has a leader and a “sweep” who takes up the rear and you all travel as a group.

As you arrive in each village, village greeters welcome you and you stop for a few minutes.  You pick up a village badge (above), refreshments and hear a little bit about the highlights of the village.  Each village stop is different – some welcome you with noise and hoots and screams, some welcome you with delicious local refreshments, some welcome you with photos and displays, some with a mini-talk on the neighborhood history.   In Thompsonville last year, I welcomed riders with a local tale of murder and mayhem.

It’s a great way to see the entire city at a relaxed pace and have lots of fun along the way.   If 20 miles is too much for you then ride half the circuit if you like.  If you complete the whole route you’ll collect a complete set of the 13 village badges.   We’ve got a new cool badge design this year thanks to our top shelf graphic designer, Heidi Werner.   *** Shameless Commercial Plug *** – If you have any commercial graphic design work and want the best, contact Heidi Werner, ([email protected]) she’s a graphic design star and a pleasure to work with.

You can sign up to ride the Tour de Newton via the on-line registration form.  We recommend that you register early since we’re expecting the 500 slots to go fairly quickly.

If you’d rather not ride, then sign up as a Village Greeter.  It’s the most fun and social volunteer gig you can imagine and we need volunteers in all 13 villages.  If you’re interested, send me an email ([email protected]).

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