The newly formed Waban Area Council has put together an event for Thursday night, May 1,  at 7:30 in the City Hall War Memorial and it’s got a mouthful of a name …

The ABCs of Zoning Relief for Housing Developments in Newton: A Residents’ Guide to How Developers get Permits and how the Community can have its Say

The biggest, hottest, most emotional issues in recent years seem to be real estate development projects – everything from individual tear-down houses to Riverside, Engine 6, Austin St, etc.  Thursday’s night event is intended to be a primer for the general citizens on how the city’s regulatory process works for new development.  They’ll be covering everything from 40B projects, to “friendly 40B”, to special permits and general zoning issues.

Rather than deal with the details of any specific ongoing projects, they’ll elucidate how the process works and where, when and how citizens can become involved and have a say for a given project.

The panelist will be:

  • Candace Havens, Director of Planning and Development

  • James Freas, Chief Planner, Long Range Planning

  • Alderman Marcia Johnson, Chair of Zoning & Planning Committee

  • Brooke Lipsitt, Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Kathy Winters, Moderator, Neighbor and Member of the Waban Area Council

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